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Portrait Session Deposit


This non-refundable deposit holds the date and time that we have selected. If you need to make any changes, let me know as soon as possible. 

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Hi guys!! Thank you for scheduling a portrait session with yours truly, Kambria Fischer Photography! I am so excited for this years fun photos. I have selected a few locations that I think would be fun for this years photos and have worked out lovely in years past.

In terms of what to wear- Be Comfy and most importantly BE YOURSELVES! I love mismatching outfits that shout your kids personalities along with beautiful neutrals. I have no rules, but just some recommendations to get some timeless fun photos of your family!

My Clothing Recommendations: 

  • Try to avoid having everyone wear the exact same thing (all black polos all white button downs) at one point you will look like floating heads in a sea of black not to mention- I know you have some personality- show it off!
  • Try to avoid too many super loud patterns. You don't want this to overshadow the  beautiful faces in your family. 
  • On that note, have fun with your colors, but also try to incorporate some neutrals or simple patterns as well for a little variety. For example, a red dress or yellow sweater that pops is great, but then also add a plaid shirt or some other layers to your outfits. Get creative!
  • It's best to avoid logos or any large emblems. A small billabong tag at the bottom of a shirt is fine, but other large logos don't photograph well and probably don't want to be remembered in family photos.
  • Feel free to accessorize! Necklaces, Scarves, bowties- I love it all! 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call me or shoot me a text! Looking forward to seeing you this holiday season!!

All the best, Kambria