{beards} a portland exploration

Soooo if you know me, you know I dig beards....on men of course! Growing up, my dad and my uncle rocked the beard and mustache (and they still have them to this day) and I guess I just always assumed that real men always had... BEARDS.

Anyway, going to Portland was like being let loose in a candy store.. beards, mustaches, facial hair of some capacity... all let loose in this fine city.  When Itsa and I went to get some of my favorite ice cream at the Salt and Straw... we stumbled upon "Last Thursday," a free street fair on the... wait for it... LAST  Thursday of the month in the Alberta Arts District. 

So naturally, I had to get some good photos... Thankfully there were a few gents who gladly obliged to my odd request for their portraits. Here are a few of my finds (beards and the street fair) at Last Thursday..